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Striped shirt Marina guy: "It's like, we hold these truths to be self-evident. What movie is that from again?"
-- From Ficus/On Polk St.

Tiny brunette to big Middle-Eastern guy: "Sayed, what the fuck?"
Big guy: "What? it's a cigar!"
Tiny brunette: "You think I don't know the difference between a cigar and a cigarette? You little bitch!"
From Arnaud/On Montgomery, in North Beach

Some dude: "I wish she'd just tell me who she'd slept with before we went to somebody's party."
-- From Adam/Westbound 5-Fulton near Civic Center.

Wayne: "When I used "hella" and "y'all" in the same sentence, my friends were, like, 'Dude!'"
-- From William/At Azeteca on Church