Geez, guys, isn't the first rule ? CNN picks up an AP report about a chatty high-tech fight club in Menlo Park. The group ("Gentlemen's Fight Club") is by invite only, involves at least a dozen people, and the only protective gear they can wear are either a fencing mask or hockey mask. Weapons include pillowcases stuffed with soda cans, frying pans, and tennis rackets. It's so Dwight Schrute!

There are some choice quotes in this article: a 34-year-old computer engineer with "fantasies" about inflicting pain on people, the 37-year-old organizer who says "you get to be a superhero for a night," and another engineer who says he skipped his first wedding anniversary for a fight. But the best quote? From Stony Brook psych professor Michael Kimmel, who says, "Real-life fight clubs are the male version of the girls who cut themselves."

Picture of post-Fight Club ministrations by the AP

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