You know, we're kind of getting into the week-long series that the Chron's doing on the San Francisco school system. It's a comprehensive look at all the various factors affecting the perception of our local schools: segregation controversies; why people flee to the East Bay once their kids hit school age; how the school system is actually doing much better than everyone thinks it is; and how the lottery actually works. Tomorrow they're discussing private schools in the area, and then funding, and then (what we're definitely looking forward to), "the politics." Switchblades out, school board! (hey, whatever happened to Heather Hiles, anyways?)

The articles are chock-full of anecdotes, which we always like, and it's always a good exercise for us in the morning over our first cup of joe for the day to practice not judging people. We were particularly proud of ourselves today for not being harsh to the woman who said "no one loves San Francisco more than us" from San Diego because she thought Alvarado McKinley Elementary (with a 771 score; 800 being excellent) wasn't good enough for her child. Also, she wanted a bigger house. Her child is now at a school in San Diego that scored 948/1000.

We get that, sure, we're not judging. Well, maybe we're judging a little bit: we think maybe we love San Francisco more than she does (but we don't have kids). Anyways, it's been some good reading this week, and we're enjoying it.

Picture of Lowell High, the jewel of the SF public school system.