Well, it turns out that the eldest Reilly daughter goes to not just any private school, but a Catholic one. So in retaliation, Reilly supporters stepped up and took it to the next level-- Ma hates the Catholics. It's oh so simple, actually: Ma attacks Reilly for sending children to a private school, private school is Catholic, so Ma is really an anti-Papist bigot who thinks the Janet Reilly will call the Pope before every major vote, wants to burn heretics at the stake, and sings "Every Sperm is Sacred" every night before dinner. Says a mailer handed out after mass on Sunday: "All of us hoped that this anti-Catholic attitude ended in 1960 with the election of President John F. Kennedy. It is appalling that it still exists here in San Francisco in 2006." As far as we know, the flyer was not ripped off from somebody else.

Of course, this is all silliness, but considering Catholics in the city feel a little beleaguered, it might be something. And didn't Tori Janet accuse Fiona of being the anti-abortion candidate? Whatever. Either way, it's much more entertaining than playing the Help Janet Reilly Find a Costume That Fits Game.