The story isn't online because you have to subscribe to the magazine, but since we do, we can detail what the what is. Basically, the story says that Eddie D and Carmen P have been talking about it, that he tried to buy the Tampa Bay Bucs a few years ago, that the NFL might actually vote to let him in, and Al is thinking about selling because he's a little unwell these days. The writer, Michael Silver, went on KNBR a few days ago to say it's all true, scout's honor.

All sorts of Bay Area writers and the occasional Raider blogger have tried to debunk the story and call pish-posh on it. The gist of their argument is that, basically, Al would never give up the Raiders. Never, ever, never, ever. Which we'd have to agree with-- we have visions of a 103 year old Al, looking like a skeleton with a died black pompadour and white jump suit and hooked up to all sorts of machines and intravenous tubes, wheeling down Raiders HQ in a wheelchair and telling everyone who would listen the glories of the vertical passing game.