Well, our little congresswoman made a stirring come-from-behind comeback victory yesterday and overtook Cynthia McKinney in Wonkette's "Congressional Catfight." We hope it was our valued readers who helped take the prize for ole' Nance. But that's not the real big news today. The big news is that Nancy has come out and said that basically, that whole impeachment thing everyone's all dreaming about these days if the Democrats take over the House? Ain't gonna happen. It's "off the table."

Now, we know what you're all thinking: but Nancy, the Board of Supervisors said you should! Shouldn't she listen to Chris Daly? Gosh, isn't there a Performance Artist out there who could run against Pelosi and save us?

Well, truth is that now that the President's approval numbers are getting increasingly more and more stuck somewhere between Nazis and child molesters, the only thing that could possibly motivate the Right is the fear that the Democrats might just go out there and impeach W. Republicans think this is scary because, as we all know, the Republicans have for the longest time stood against the impeaching of Presidents and for upholding the Constitution. If Nancy and the Dems say it'll never happen, the Right has one less thing to motivate them. See, that's called smart politics. And then, of course, if Nancy moves from House Minority Leader to House Majority Leader, that's when the impeachin' can begin.

One more thing about our gal Nancy, she was recently asked about her opinion on what has become the most pertinent issue of our time: was Stephen Colbert funny or not funny at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner? Her answer: Didn't see it, didn't hear about it, don't know nothing about it.