Ahhh parrots, lambs, and pepper monkeys -- welcome back to our review of the Top Chef animal farm. Another Top Chef episode in the can; the season will be over shortly, so watch it while you can. Although, as we told you last week, that the show's been picked up for another season, this is the last chance for this cast of characters (and this is the last chance to see the epitome of evil amongst food-based game show contestants.) Sadly, there won't be much regarding our fair San Francisco in the next few episodes: tonight's episode is a reunion (and presumably something of a clip show), and the finals are in Las Vegas.

So, to recap last week: Tiffani makes some statement about she's "not here to be anyone's friend." Yeah, it shows. Lee Anne calls her a "chameleon." We liked our "Jeckyl/Hyde/Banner/Hulk" analogy better.

With only four contestants, the "quickfire" challenge no longer grants immunity, but Chef Tom says it will be a factor in the ultimate decision. The challenge: the table is laden with junk/snack food; the contestants must pick an ingredient/snack and "class it up." Harold grabs the popcorn, turns it into a popcorn cake, and uses it as a starch for a ceviche dish. Dave totally goes "chicken without its head," as usual, and manages to make, er, "nachos." Wow, the culinary excellence. What's next, toaster waffles? Tiffani makes a classed-up corndog, the ingredients of which include chorizo and camembert cream as a sauce. Lee Anne also goes for something in the "dog" family: a Japanese seafood hotdog with hot and spicy mustard. The winner? Clearly Harold; Chef Tom lauds his "clean flavors." Judge Gail pretty much is Chef Tom's parrot and repeats what he says. "Clean flavors . . . ba-gawk!"

Yet another photo appropriated from the fine Top Chef section of Bravo's Web site.