Howdy, folks -- the "top mixologists" at SFist feel that Bravo's Top Chef has given us so much in terms of culinary excellence, intrigue, and bitchiness (not necessarily in that order), that we thought it was time to give back.

Tonight at 10 p.m., Top Chef is due to have a reunion show, wherein all the chef/contestants are in one room, reminiscing about the show (the finale -- and thus winner of which -- has yet to air).

Without further ado, here's SFist's Top Chef "Quickfirewater" challenge--can you remain standing? Teetotalers, feel free to drink the equally punishing, yet non-alcoholic "Andrea Special", below.

RULES: Pick a Top Chef contestant. Whenever that contestant does something mentioned below, you must do as instructed. In addition, there are universal events, in which all participants must perform an action as listed below--these primarily involve potential actions by judges Tom and Gail as well as vacuous host Katie Lee Joel. WARNING: Only the truly brave should pick KEN as their contestant.

"I'll get ye drunk if ye pick me!" Photo of Ken from Bravo's Web site.