We are totally fascinated by the phenomenon of the Asian-American fashion show. In college, the various Asian-American student groups would always throw some kind of runway-themed benefit, featuring the clothing of Armani Exchange, as worn by premeds named Jennifer, and usually featuring the music of Depeche Mode.

This always leads to a certain amount of squawking -- some of it by us! "This objectifies women," "this objectifies Asians," "this objectifies Asian women," and "why exactly is it that every time I see you falling, I get down on my knees and pray?" Well, we can't answer the first, third, and fourth questions, but Hyphen Magazine is striking a blow for some equal-opportunity all-in-good-fun ogling of Asian-American men by hosting their First-Ever Mr. Hyphen Contest.

Six Asian-American community leaders have generously agreed to walk the runway, perform, and answer some fun Q&A's, for the prestigious title of Mr. Hyphen -- and more seriously, to promote good community work and honor the contributions of our local Asian-American men. It should be an evening of drinks, fun, and comedy. And before you ask, the press release doesn't say if there's going to be a swimsuit portion of the evening or not.

We love us some good Asian-American male objectification! Pageant is Friday, May 19, at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center, 388 9th Street Suite 290), doors at 7:00 p.m. $15 now/$20 at the door.

Reach out, touch faith.