If you think the Ma v. Ja race is content-free, you should try the State Senate District 8 race between Leland Yee and Mike Nevin. Yawn, unless you like trying to figure out the byzantine nature of state politics personal relationships. (i.e., why didn't Gavin Newsom endorse San Franciscan Yee over San Mateo County's Nevin? Does it have something to do with the mysterious feud between Fiona and Leland?)

However, it looks like Yee's got some enemies -- maybe from his sponsoring of that law preventing the sale of violent video games to minors? A tipster passed along a hilarious anti-Yee website, called "Are You Kidding Mee??" (Okay, take away our Asian-American card, but c'mon! The "mee" is kind of funny.)

Richard Silver, the former clerk of the San Mateo County Board of Supes, has diligently compiled all the negative stories he could find about Leland, and put them all in one spot. Read about how the cops thought Leland was trolling for prostitutes on South Van Ness in 1999! Read about Leland Yee's arrest in Hawaii for shoplifting!

And enter a contest to come up with a snide nickname for Leland! Okay, folks, get us back our Asian-American card and don't come up with any racist-sounding names, okay? No panda jokes, nothing mixing up l's and r's, we don't want any of that. Make fun of Leland in a color-blind way!