During the post Q&A, our companion dropped our gift-bagged Skyy Vodka bottle. Oh, how sad we were as we listened to it roll down the angled floor of the Castro to god knows where. So, when we got to the prom to the tenth power SFIFF opening night fabulousness of the Regency Center, we were ready for a drink.

Have you ever been to the Regency Center? It's a crazy rabbit warren of room after room. Last night the entire place was taken over by film fans. At least, we think the entire place was. We got freaked out by this big plant on the main level that hit us in the eye and we stayed downstairs most of the time.

SFIFF Party 002.jpg Here's Joy and Heather. Behind us, there were these stilted contortionists doing all this weird stuff. We were gonna take some pictures of them for you, but they seemed like kind of drama-clubish annoying attention hogs, so we decided not to.

Joy and Heather, however, were none of those things. And they were swell and fun, to boot. Ergo, photo.

SFIFF Party 003.jpg Chris tells us that "in red dress - SFFS print traffic superstar Alex Cantin." You can't improve on a caption like that, so we'll leave it as-is.

We were drinking wine because the line to the vodka table was too long. "Aw, poor SFist, you didn't get the FREE drink of your choice." Shut up our head hurts SHUT UP.

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