Hey hey, ho ho, George W. Bush is at Cisco.

Yep, ol' 43 himself is in town, down in the South Bay. He's landing at Moffett Field this morning (where he fired all the NASA scientists earlier this year -- awkward!), then stopping by Cisco in San Jose and the Hoover Institute at Stanford, and then jetting off to a relaxing weekend at St. Helena. Our Napa speculators are guessing he'll be at Meadowood, where Bush can put the extra "w" back into their name.

According to the news reports we saw, all the events are by invite only, but Cisco is opening their campus for public protest. We haven't seen so many excited lefties putting together puppets and banners on the news since we invaded Iraq. And Bush hasn't even met with anyone yet and he's already given the big middle finger to California, by refusing to grant disaster relief to Schwarzenegger for our levees.

Are you going to the protest? Will you dress up like Rumsfeld? Send us your pictures! We've got our South Bay correspondents looking for the helicopter landing on the Stanford campus too.