The reason for all this is over a protest that arose when Military Recruiters tried to show up at a Job Fair at UC Santa Cruz. Lest anyone actually consider exercising their free will and join the military (we hear Iran is even lovelier this time of year than Iraq), members of Students Against War, the organization that was spied on by the Pentagon, started in with the protesting. It got raucous enough that the military recruiters left for fear that they might be hurt. And yes, it does strike us funny that a bunch of military types were intimidated by a bunch of tree-hugging hippies. Serves them right, actually, for thinking that they could find anybody to join the military in Santa Cruz unless Rummy is trying to put together an elite hacky sack squad (Operation Patchouli?). Anyways, Malkin sprung into action, wrote about it on her blog and posted the names and phone numbers of the people who lead the protest. Then, when outrage grew over what she did, she posted the info again.

Now, of course, that might be considered slimy and unprofessional except for the fact we're talking Michelle Malkin here. But, as Malkin points out, the kids who led the protest not only gave out that information on the press release about the protest, but is easily Googleable. And because you can't have one side in our current political climate do dumb and intemperate things without goading the other side into doing dumb and intemperate things, Malkin herself got all sorts of harassing e-mails. Which will probably make her angrier and nastier and more driven to saying stupid things. Which will make the other side angrier and nastier and more driven to saying stupid things.

And there you have the Circle of Political Life.