We first consciously notice Jason Munn in last month’s ReadyMade Magazine where he was featured for the screen printed posters he makes for performances of touring bands at local venues. Then we realized we’ve seen Jason and his work all over the place. We were relieved to find out that you can buy a lot of Jason’s work online through his site, The Small Stakes. Although Jason has only been in the Bay Area for a few years, he’s taken well to the burrito loving culture—which endears him to SFist like nothing else can. Jason’s art is great—concert posters that deserve to be hung. Make sure you stop by and say hello next time you see Jason at a show. Tell him SFist sent you.

What's the best (your favorite) poster you've ever made?
I don't necessarily have a favorite, but the posters I am happiest with are the posters where the idea comes across clearly and makes the most sense for the band.

How do you come up with ideas for the posters?
Mostly just through listening to the bands and a lot of trial an error.

What's the trickiest thing about printing?
Trying to keep my arms from getting tired.

Which posters (if any) do you have hanging in your house?
The funny thing is I actually don't have any posters hanging in my house. I have a stack I would like to hang though.

Who are some of your favorite local artists, and why?
Paul Schiek (Photographer), Nat Swope (Printmaker) and David V. D'andrea (Illustrator) and the band Deerhoof. All these people inspire me quite a bit and have tought me a lot.

What do you think of the art and music scene out here in general?
I think overall it's pretty great and there is such a history of so many great artists and bands coming from this area.

Do you have to stand by the table through out concerts, or can you watch the show ever?
I watch most of the shows, I'm usually just by the merch in between bands.