This week's episode: Everybody Hates A Scoop!

A super-secret source passed on the word that the Downtown Lobby has a new candidate to run against Chris Daly in the November 2006 election for the SF Board of Supervisors' District 6 seat. That candidate? Rob Black.

Yes, do we hear a question? "Who's Rob Black?" Funny you should ask! That's exactly what we asked our super-secret source! Said super-secret source revealed that Rob Black is Michela Alioto-Pier's legislative aide, and Black will probably be taking a leave to run for the seat. (Good thing he can take a leave while his boss-lady can't.) We're looking into this mysterious anti-Chris Daly figure now, and will pimp that information into a second post later today.

We have no idea what Rob Black looks like, so you'll have to settle for this picture of Jack Black as Nacho Libre instead.

Who's got our District 6 vote? Our super secret source! Thanks for the tip!