Cama is not one of those bars. It on 16th near Guerrero – nearly next door to Kilowatt which is ground zero for this block of dog friendly bars. We love the soft, comfy couches and beds at Cama which have lots of cushions to move around to build the perfect nest. This place even has a small outdoor patio, which is a handy canine pee spot. No water dish and no food for begging but easily the most comfortable canine seating in town.

Be forewarned, while very dog friendly on weeknights, the bartender says dogs are not welcome on the weekends. We suspect this is because it is overwhelmed by the bridge and tunnel crowd trying to act hip doing the Mission thing and the New York thing, simultaneously. That is fine - we do not like the bridge and tunnel people (unless they have treats) or getting stepped on. 2 St. Bernards.

By SFists Stan and Bailey, contributing