For those wondering just what the city process would be in something like this, here it is: measure is proposed, community meetings are held and held some more to get feedback and the measure is drafted. Then more community meetings are held as complaints are raised that enough meetings have been held. Finally, the measure goes up for a vote and thousands of dollars are spent trying to say either that the measure would cause poor people getting rich and sky-high tax revenues or is really part of a secret plan by a cabal of neo-cons bent on having San Francisco taken over by single Evangelical Yuppies. If Measure doesn't pass, go back to the beginning and repeat the process. If measure is passed, lawsuits are quickly filed and the measure is put on hold while suit and counter-suit makes it's way through court. Once it makes it's way through court, demonstrators launch protests and the Board of Supervisors put the kibosh on the plan until more community meetings are held and changes are made. After it finally makes it through the Board of Supes (if it does at all), a new measure is quickly proposed calling for repealing of previous measure. Go back to Step 1.