The Mission District of San Francisco is the kind of place where transgender bike messengers live chockablock with marketing executives, thrift stores brace for the encroachment of Starbucks, and heroin addicts nod off next to Hummers.

Sure, the Times gets stuff wrong all the time, and this is hardly the kind of mistake that ends up causing wars. But, come on! How hard would it have been for Lee to type"San Francisco Mission District" into Google to get any one of over 22,400,000 results that are undoubtedly more accurate than the one he just crapped out in the Times? Apparently, the answer is "too hard." Oh, well, he's probably too busy fighting off the alligators emerging from the sewers or whatever they have to deal with in New York.

Thanks to incredibly hott SFist reader Mary for giving us the heads-up on this.