Meet Hank. He's part pit bull, part something else (mastiff?), and all awesome.

Hank was abandoned in front of our house in Oakland last Friday night, in the rain. He's a big guy, and we didn't want to approach him too soon, but we eventually realized that Hank needed help and care. He didn't appear to be beat up, scarred, or have any fight trauma. He was just starved for affection, and, well, food too.

So here's the lowdown on your new friend: He's still a puppy (the vet estimated he's a little less than a year old), but at 70lbs. already he's going to be one big dude. He's incredibly handsome. He's alert and waggy and very friendly with people, and cautiously so with other dogs. He can sit and fetch, and is learning to follow basic hand signals. We have had him checked out by a vet and neutered.

The main thing you need to know about Hank is that he's a big love sponge - he just wants to sit next to you and be hugged and patted, and maybe watch some TV. He would be a fantastic, loyal pooch for anyone who is willing to take a chance on him.

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