All you good Bay Area limousine liberals can finally relax -- both figuratively and literally -- now that the four and a half year labor dispute at the Claremont Resort and Spa has been resolved and the boycott on their massages, Pilates classes, and herbal "Krauter" baths (and all other services), in place since 2002, has been lifted.

Workers at the resort had been working without a contract since Sept. 2001, and the previous owners, KSL, refused to negotiate. However, once the resort was sold to CNL Hospitality, talks resumed in October. All sides are pleased with the outcome, which includes a contract through July 31, 2009, a 3% raise, and wage and benefit increases to bring the resort in line with union standards in the Bay Area.

Well, we've just book a weekend there now, right? We're all about self-sacrifice to encourage management and labor to work together amicably!

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