Anyways, a couple of days before the big doings, your San Francisco Board of Supervisors decided to weigh in and issued a resolution condemning the rally as an “act of provocation" by an "anti-gay," "anti-choice" organization. Not only that, but the Board said that the rally would "negatively influence the politics of America's most tolerant and progressive city." Which is true. We've noticed that ever since the rally, we've been thinking about abstaining from sex, listening to Creed, and getting warm fuzzy feelings towards the President. Freedom IS on the march. And nothing says "tolerant" and "progressive" like holding up signs comparing the kids to Hitler Youth.

Jumping into the mix was Assemblyman Mark Leno who described the Battle Criers, or as Bay Area Indy Media called them "Hateful Christian Fascists," as "they're loud, they're obnoxious, they're disgusting and they should get out of San Francisco." On Monday, Leno slightly recanted his statements, saying that they were "not one of my prouder moments."

This has gotten the conservatives in full snit mode, accusing the city of declaring a "fatwa" against Christians. Fox News should be on its way soon looking for people to throw in front of their blowhard lions and adding it to their long list of signs that the Christians are under siege in this country. You know, like getting yelled at by lesbians with dyed hair is equivalent to getting handed death sentences for converting to Christianity.

Either way, it just goes to show that Stephen Colbert might have been right when he recently named Jesus as the #1 threat we face in his most recent Threat Down