Since then, our former roommate has quit smoking, and now Muni has, too, as yesterday the Board of Supervisors approved legislation banning smoking at all public transit stops in the City. Introduced by Fiona Ma (who knew she was still doing anything?) last October (never mind) also revived the debate on banning smoking at public golf courses, which had been tabled last year due to a concern that such a ban might affect the city's ability to host tournaments at public courses.

Now Supervisor McGoldrick is saying "it would be hypocritical to bar smoking in places frequented by poor San Franciscans but allow it for wealthy golf players. 'I think it's time to do it, to be consistent,' he said." Sure, it's hard to know his full intentions with just that statement to go on, but doesn't it sound like he's perceiving the smoking ban as more of a punishment than a public health issue? What a weird moment to stand up for the "little guy".

This SFist has never played any golf other than the kind where you hit the ball into the windmill at the end, so while we're pretty psyched about not having to suck in your Swisher Sweet as we wait for the N, we wonder what the big deal is about letting golfers (and do "wealthy golf players" even use public golf courses?) continue to smoke. Golfers (smokers or non), please enlighten us in the comments.