TG Writes:

Will I get pregnant in the next three months?

Reply hazy -- ask later.

See, folks, sometimes we need more info to give a better answer than that. Of course, with a question like "will I get pregnant," "when will the next earthquake be," "when will the Bay Bridge be finished," etc -- the above is probably the best we'll ever do.

Denise writes:

How can I find out if the Bay Bridge will be closed tonight (3/25/06)? I have to pick someone up at SFO around midnight - I'll be coming from Concord. Hope you can help -

Ack! Sorry we weren't monitoring our email on Saturday, Denise. However, for the future, you can try the following.
-- Try checking your local AM radio stations, like KGO NewsTalk 810 ("Traffic on the eights"), which has frequent updates on traffic conditions.
-- Logon to great general commute/traffic resource,
-- Specific to the bridge, our state department of transportation has this page set up:

Hope that's helpful. Any readers out in SFist land utilize any other such resources? Feel free to share in the comments section.

MS writes:

I am going to visit a friend who lives in SF . . . She is going to want to take me to lots of cool places to impress me and show me how cool of a city SF is. She has been living in the city about 9 months now. My question is what are two or three (or more) are the coolest/best/strangest/hidden/local/hip/cheap/dive places/stores/bars/cafes/restaurants that she has probably never heard of that I can casually take her and impress/baffle her?

Good question. And, dude, you've come to the right place. SFist is a great resouce for all of the above; however, this is going to involve your own research. After all, your tastes are your own.

If it were us: We love Aux Delices for Vietnamese food on Polk St. I recommend spicy papaya and squid salad. We dig Little Star Pizza on Divisidero; reasonably priced and very good (it's pizza you eat with a fork, not Domino's style). Visitors we've had have enjoyed "Specs" on Columbus Avenue, North Beach and Trad'r Sam's in the Richmond for horribly divey, cheesy, yet powerful tiki drinks. Finally, on the perhaps-too-pricy side, we always like to take someone for a single drink at the Carnelian room, just for the view (that's about $10 a pop and you have to dress a little nice, but you can't beat a drink at the top floor of SF's tallest building).

Resouces for your own SFist-based research after the jump.