As for us, we're just confused by the marketing. Early teaser ads (which have since been removed from the internets) showed the predictable groups of young, attractive hipsters exchanging pictures and e-mail and music while out in the desert or lounging by a pool. Intel's vision, however, is straight out of "The Flintstones." A woman asks her husband for permission to buy a dress; he's all pissed off that she interrupted his Water Buffalo meeting and demands she provide links to show how much it costs. Some dude is looking at soft-core porn in a doctor's office when his boss e-mails him to scrawl some notes on a car ad. A helpless woman gets lost in the city (you know those women drivers!) and needs a computer to point out the door that's right in front of her. We expected a little pterodactyl to pop out of the thing and say, "It's a living!"