And that's why the Gothamist Brain Trust has brought us mobile versions of all your favorite -ist sites, SFist included. Just go to to see us in all our teeny-tiny glory, right down to itsy-bitsy pictures!

You can read the comments, click on the links, and even vote in our polls. The other night we were delayed on the N for 10 minutes (in Muni's defense, an ambulance was parked on the tracks) and we spent the entire time reading the site. Sure, it sounds more than a little narcissistic now that we say it aloud, but it truly made an annoying delay far more endurable.

So, the next time you're somewhere with your mobile device and you're hungry for the Super Fist, you need not be denied. Hit the road!

And of course you can carry your PDA in a custom SFist messenger bag.