Our Governor is SO not like your Governor.

This particular match is between Team Gracie and Team Hammerhouse and kicks off the "Arnold Martial Arts Festival," which is part of the whole Arnold Classic. Also included in the Classic is "Arnold Boxing, the Fitness and Figure International (check out the pictures. Seriously), and a the Arnold Table Tennis Challenge. We hear these events totally rule over the Pataki Ping Pong Invitational and the Mitt Romney Foosball Classic.

It should be said too that things like the ultimate fighting championships are actually banned in several states (Sen. John McCain called it "cockfighting with humans") and was banned in this state until a certain someone signed legislation last year legalizing it in the state. It was also these events that got the Governor in trouble last year when it was discovered he was still making money off of them despite rules against such things. This year, he won't be paid but will be going anyways.

But the best part of all of this is that while this is going on, the poor schlubs in the State Legislature are stuck trying to hammer out an agreement on Arnie's big bond initiative because the deadline to get this sucker on the ballot is next week. Arnie is totally the boss who dumps some huge project on the underlings then skips out for a week of golf and schmoozing (or in this case, kung fu and body building) and expects the project to be done when they get back. The Democrats are totally hemming and hawing about it too, something that is probably more political posturing than anything else. But wouldn't you be pissed off to that while you're working overtime and on weekends, your boss is off watching some kung-fu action?