We first heard about when SFist Rita forwarded us a synopsis, excaliming "this sounds like an EXCELLENT yvesdropping movie!!!" Though one staffer who will remain nameless said "it looks ... kind of ... scary", that just excited us more -- we like scary!

Shut Yer Dirty Little MOUTH! is a movie based on a play based on the actual recorded conversations* of two loud and crazy Haight roommates. It's opening at the Roxie this Friday, and we want you and a guest to go!

Enter below for admission for two to any screening of Shut Yer Dirty Little MOUTH! during its engagement at the Roxie. Remember, the name you put in the form is the name you'll be saying to the person working at the box office, so unless you want to announce yourself as "Boozy Flophound", we suggest you play it straight when you fill out the entry form below. Good luck!

*Yvesdroppings promises to never record anyone without their permission. Because that would be bad and wrong.

Shut Yer Dirty Little MOUTH!