Leander Kahney of Wired News got some flak for his commentary about the relative merits of Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates. He says that the popular perception of Gates as evil monopolistic robber baron and Jobs as free-thinking hero to the masses is nonsense.

Finally! Someone's putting a kibosh on all the unrealistic and simple-minded... err, hang on a second. He then goes on to say that because Jobs doesn't give as much to charity as Gates, he's a "shameful," greedy, self-serving capitalist. Who should be more like Bono. He also makes sure to mention Jobs' increased wealth from the Pixar buyout, making Jobs a partner in the only organization more evil than the Chinese government — Disney.

Tony Long at Wired defended his colleague with his own column, pointing out that none of these tech leaders deserve the worship and adulation they get. Not content to let a reasonable comment stand, he goes on to say how they're all greedy, self-serving big-business moguls, more than likely crooks who got their tremendous wealth from unethical or illegal tactics. And, incidentally, computers suck.

More disappointment after the jump, plus something good comes out of the Google China controversy!

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