As promised, SFist in fact did not watch the State of the Union address -- though we did catch part of it as we went to stock up on booze at the corner store (we figured they were watching it by the hard liquor in order to drive up sales.)

The anti-Bush group The World Can't Wait was pretty busy not waiting, though -- SFist received bulletins all day about various events, including one hilarious email reporting that someone was spelling out a message on Bernal Hill that looked like "BUSH IS TER DOWN." That's right, baby, he's Ter Down! This was apparently repaired shortly afterwards to BUSH STEP DOWN.

The day of protests culminated in Union Square, where activists aired the state of the union on a huge screen and banged drums and booed and played trumpets to drown Bush out. The drums looked a little Revolutionary War-like, but that's a minor complaint. We also heard a lovely rendition of the World Can't Wait theme song on KRON 4 News at 11 ("The world can't wait..... the world can't wait....") from an activist whose last name was Makepeace. They then toppled a papier-mache statue of Bush at the end of the protest and everyone went home. Police were watching but made no arrests. If you're so inclined, you should definitely check out KRON 4's video coverage of the event, it was hilarious. The world can't wait.... the world can't wait....

At the actual state of the union, someone else didn't hear the speech either -- Cindy Sheehan, an invited guest of Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-Petaluma), was arrested and hustled out of the building for wearing a t-shirt that said "2,245 and how many more?" Isn't that what the whole speech was about? (Well, that and conserving oil.)

Picture of Union Square protest from KRON 4