The show was frickin' great.

The cast was on, barely breaking a sweat throughout their performance, and almost completely in-synch with each other. Every bit that they did was brought to an almost inevitable conclusion and even the bits that started off rough eventually picked up. And whatever they did was hilarious.

Their most elaborate bit, and the one that showed just how on they were, started off with Amy as a boss attempting to fire Rachel for having a drinking problem, which somehow turned into Rachel having a problem with egg nog, and which led to a scene at the office holiday party and the reason for Rachel's dismissal, a discussion as to the true meaning of egg nog, followed by a retelling of the Christmas story with egg nog as the driving force (Horatio and Amy were the three wise men and Rachel the camel), and it all somehow came together and ended with the show's running joke about there being a vibrator shaped like Rachel. Or we think it was something like that-- things were going so fast and furious it was hard to keep track. And frankly, we had trouble hearing half the bits because the audience was laughing so loud.