You know what we haven't had in awhile? Some fercockt plan to reform politics in this state. Well, get ready, cause a new one is headed our way! And, actually, it's not half bad.

The plus side of all this? It'll put political reform in the hands of John Q. Public. The down side of all of this? It'll put political reform in the hands of John Q. Public. And maybe, if we're lucky, we can turn it into a reality show in which the rest of California gets to vote on who gets to attend by having them try out in front of a panel of ex-bureaucrats, Kato Kaelin, and Willie Brown and having them compete by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and giving speeches on health care policy.

The idea has been around for a while now, but two state assemblymen just put forth a proposal in the Legislature to add it the state constitution. The idea came from our mild-mannered and eminently reasonable pals up north, mainly in British Columbia, who did something of the sort and was considered a success enough that the measures were voted upon. It lost the first time, but had so much support; it will be put on the ballot again.

The chances of it flying here? About the same as being able to look up in the sky and see Porky, Petunia, and Babe all flying around. Considering the citizen's assembly might actually propose things that could mean people losing jobs and/or fat cat campaign donations, most legislators are saying thanks, but no thanks. Still, there is an outside chance it just might show up as a Very Special Election of it's own.