Miike's film was one of the most horrifying things we've ever seen. EVER. So we wonder what the producers of "Masters of Horror" could have possibly been expecting. Executive producer Mick Garris is quoted as saying, "It's one of the most unrelenting, intense films I've ever seen," and "It takes quite a bit of intestinal fortitude to watch 'Imprint.' It's incredibly powerful."

While the thought of watching something that's actually more intense and horrifying than Audition does worry us a bit, we do think we have the intestinal fortitude, and we wish we could see it.

So here's an idea: The upcoming Indiefest will be screening two short films from the "Masters of Horror" series in a program called "Two Masters of Horror," one by director Dario Argento, and the other by Don Coscarelli. We think they should change that to "Three Masters of Horror" and do all they can to get a copy of "Imprint" to the festival.

OK. We know it's short notice, and that securing films for a festival is hard work. But we can dream, can't we?

Intense, unrelenting dreams.