And we so love the Power of the Blog!

Do you remember, back in December we were ranting about SBC and how it had taken away our DSL and refused to discuss the implications of this with us, or indeed give any valid reasons for us being able to access DSL one day, before being forced to make do with dial up the next?

We remember that Dark December well, it was a low point in our blogging life, heck we were having difficulty to even do any blogging via the archaic connection we were lumped with. But someone cool at SBC read the blog and put the wheels in motion to get the situation remedied for us.

It was amazing. We had phone calls from high-up people at SBC, we were treated like VIPs, we had visit after visit from different engineers, until they sent the one who actually knew how to remedy the situation. Yes, folks, today we are writing this post from the bleak wastelands of Dog Patch actually via DSL. We never thought it would happen, but it did. We are sorry we had to go to the extreme measure of dissing SBC on this SFist blog to get things rolling, but heh, it worked for us and we have no regrets.

Not everyone with SBC DSL grievances has the luxury of a popular blog platform from which to air their angst. We suggest those people check out where BeachBoy is your man. Thanks again, Beach Boy. If only all of SBC's customer service was as savvy as you.