So here you are, on your first day of work as the new new Muni transportation director. If your first day was anything like ours usually go, you've probably learned how to use your new email, opened a new box of pens, and gotten to work (that is not what we actually did on our first day of work but our parents read this site, OK?). And what work you have cut out for you, for while we occasionally dig Muni, we hate it way more frequently.

In fact, we think Muni's such a problem that we encourage readers to email us their own Muni tales, concerns, and suggestions. Concerns about Muni are like assholes, Mr. Ford, in that they both involve stinking.

Welcome to San Francisco, and to your new job. You don't have an easy path ahead of you, so drop us a line any time you want to give us your side of things, reach out to our readers, or to go for a cocktail (we're buyin'). You're going to need it.

xo SFist

The 5 Fulton, at 3 p.m. on Jan. 5. "Dear Muni: Stop ... hurting ... America."