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Girl 1: "Wow, I've never been up this high!"
Girl 2: "I've never even been in this building before. Well, I've been to the bar downstairs."
Girl 3: "This would be a great place to have a party!"
-- At a party on the 12th floor balcony, Adagio Hotel

Twentysomething hip-hop girl to friends: "I'm looking. ... It says both of my parents were Caucasian."
Hip-hop girlfriend: "That means you're white."
-- From A./At Civic Center, near the birth records office

Slightly hoochie lady getting into her BMW 7 series, wondering to her girlfriend: "Why are my car's windows always steamed up like someone is having sex inside?"
-- From Cedric/Corner of 17th & Mission

Guy emerging from unisex bathroom: "Ladies, I just want you to know that I put the seat back down."
Ladies sitting near bathroom: "Oh! Ha ha ha! Thanks!"
(A pause. The guy wanders off. The ladies all shudder.)
-- Balcony at Twin Peaks

Guy: "She's been talking a lot about how anxious she's been feeling lately."
Girl: "She should keep it to herself! EVERYBODY'S anxious. It doesn't make you special."
-- On the N