The practical upshot is this: now, when you do a search, instead of combing through everything online (including slash fiction about on PAX TV) you can press a button and constrain your search results to only, say, "SF Photobloggers," or "Austin Blogs + Zines," or "Miami News and Info" or "DC College Media," or even "Services Parisiens" -- that's French for hookers.

It's totally easy to use. Just trot on by our list of 77 different city-engines and see what tickles your fancy. You can't customize Internet Explorer or Safari very much, so you'll need Firefox, like duh. And if your site should be included in one of the searches but it isn't there, drop us a line and we'll add it. Now if you'll excuse us, it's a new episode of Twins. God, we miss Darlene.

Update!!! If you're already a Rollyo user, you'll have to log out of your own account to add those searchrolls to Firefox. For some reason, if you're logged into the site, it only shows you your own rolls, instead of ours. (And we should point out that Rollyo users can view all of our rolls here.) Also: it'll take a few days for us to add new sites to the engines; sorry about the delay, it's just that the people with the passwords are very very busy.

Update update!!! Rollyo fixed it so that you don't have to log out in order to get to the Firefox plugin page anymore! They're so neat.

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