We're getting a creepy Harold and Maude vibe here -- what else are you going to think when a 30-year-old man enters into a suicide pact with a 109-year-old woman in San Francisco?

109-year-old Helen Godet was found strangled to death, and her 30-year-old caretaker David Lund was found poisoned in the Bayview home they'd been sharing for nine years. Inspectors say that it looks like Godet had planned to kill herself but asked Lund to strangle her to death instead when she lost her nerve. (....yeah, okay, we agree, that might maybe need a little bit of follow-up research on the part of the SFPD) Lund then killed himself with the antifreeze. Neighbors say that Godet and Lund were best friends, but in a purely platonic relationship.

As an extra bonus, we also expect that by the end of 2006, the SFPD will be attempting to justify whatever the current murder rate is by referring repeatedly to "May-December suicide pacts" running up their numbers! You heard it here first!