Mike from Potrero Hill SF writes to let us know that the educational is getting personal for their community, as one of the schools in Potrero Hill, Daniel Webster Elementary, has been slated for possible closure by the beleaguered SF Unified School District. They've started a blog, called Save Webster, with information about the school's status and tips on how you can help (for example, you could buy a baby t from cafepress, or write a letter to the school board). Webster was previously considered a troubled school, with low attendance and low test scores, but the influx of committed parents in the area, along with a new principal who's pledged to improve performance and increase school integration, are hoping they can sway the board to spare the school.

Other neighborhoods are banding together too -- Left in SF reports that District 5 is rallying to save its schools as well, and the SFUSD is in the middle of holding four meetings throughout the city for community groups to speak their piece. The school board will vote on Jan. 12 about which schools to close (if any).

Adorable montage of children from PotreroHillSF's flickr