We tried and we tried and we tried, but we just couldn't make ourselves read more than 10 pages of Pamela Anderson's roman a clef .

We really, really wanted to like this book, because we think that Pamela Anderson is kinda cool (hey, she "designed" one of our favorite belts), and we want her to do well. But we just could. Not. Do. It. Pam, it's not you, it's us. We promise.

What we gathered from the part we did read is that it's the story of one Star Wood Leigh, a character heavily based on Ms. Anderson's own persona. It's got a bitchin cover, and it's only 190 pages long, perfect reading for the beach or bathroom. Just not ours.

Enter below before Christmas to win a copy of what we're sure is a great, campy, and fun read.

Star Struck