Google bought stock in AOL, after the latter turned down possible deals with Microsoft, and earlier Yahoo and Comcast. Google also made additions to its services by adding GMail access from mobile phones, and music search and purchasing options to its search engine. And to further the Web 2.0 Brave New World angle, the company released the Google Homepage API to allow developers to create personalized home page content using Google apps.

Other corporate deals and partnerships: Yahoo announced a partnership with Six Apart, the makers of MovableType, to make a customized version of that blogging engine available to Yahoo users. Microsoft and MTV announced a partnership in the new Urge music download service, aimed to be a competitor for the iTunes Music Store and Napster.

And in a move of solidarity for future generations of the internets, Google, Microsoft, and Sun joined to sponsor the new RAD Lab at Berkeley, intended to be a greenhouse for new Web-based software projects.

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