The appeal was filed by noted "eviction attorney" Andrew Zacks. Zacks filed it on behest of "Citizens for the Equal Treatment in the Permit Process” (CETPP?), a shady and mysterious new group whose members are completely unknown. Seriously, nobody knows who they are and Zacks ain't saying. In some Cracker Jack investigative work, Beyond Chron discovered that some of Zacks' clients have gotten in trouble over misleading and possibly fraudulent permits. The developers, WB Coyle and Gary Rossi, have come under scrutiny from the DBI on permits and worked they did on several complexes, including at 744 Union Street, beloved ex-apartment complex of SFist! You bastards!

All this leads to further evidence that the appeal put on Amy Lee's house was not really about her remodeling, but yet another attempt to harass her. Lee's opponents have made it apparent they don't like her and are hoping to chase her away so they can replace her with somebody more in their liking. It would then make sense, if one were to guess, that CETPP is merely some front group for Coyle and Rossi trying to get back at Lee. If true, it would fit into the category of totally lame, or would, actually, if we hadn't passed totally lame months ago.

Either way, Merry Christmas, Amy Lee, and we hope you get that Christmas tree.