Rita: Let the burrito debates begin! Lincoln/Douglas rules! (I have absolutely no idea what that actually means, but doesn't that sound all high-school debate-team-y?)

RESOLVED: that Papalote has the best frickin burrito in town. Mmmmm, I love me the Papalote fish burrito. The buttery fish, the just-the-right-amount-of-flour tortilla, the tangy organic tomato/onion/cilantro, and if you eat in, the world's best smoky dip for the chips? The grainy, cinnamoned horchata totally caps off the experience! Sure, it's yupscale and trendy and Beck doesn't play there, but it wins my best burrito vote hands-down (just like it did on Burrito Eater last year). Sorry, Pancho Villa/ Cancun/ La Cumbre, we don't play that "best of the bay for the last 15 years running" game over here at the Fist!

I understand that you might feel differently, Jeremy: so go on, Trimeth -- defend your boy!

Jeremy: Hey, I won't deny that Papalote is pretty good -- very fresh, an original take on some classics. It's in my 'hood, I go there with some frequency (remember this?). But burritos are comfort food and, the way I see it, are all about being excessive. Sloppy. Not healthy (Soy chorizo? come on, now), not innovative, not hip. Not neat and clean. Not reasonably portioned, only reasonably . Papalote does a pretty good job; they certainly try hard. But maybe they try a little too hard.

My ideal burrito place? Taqueria Castillo "B" down at the Civic Center, 86 McAllister ("A," over on Golden Gate, is pretty good too, of course). It's clean, it's authentic, and the custom touches (like the totally to-die-for green salsa) enhance the experience. For "cheep cheep cheep" you get a big, fat burrito with just about anything you would want on it. Check out the lunch rush, with the folks from U.N. plaza crowding in there for better-than-anywhere burritos at cheaper-than-Taco Bell prices.

In fact, I'll put Pancho Villa/El Toro and Taqueria Can-Cun a head and shoulders above Papalote as well. I'm glad it's in my neighborhood, but I wouldn't travel for it. Taqueria Castillo "B" is the only burrito place I'll go out of my way for -- one of two Mexican food places I'll do that for are (the other is Nick's Crispy Tacos, but for the fish tacos, not for the burritos -- pardon the digression). Taqueria Castillo "B" gets my 'Fistie.

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