But what happens when the union starts turning on itself? Being Stallone fans, we know where this can end up. Given the fearful power of our Local 250, could this schism be a step toward loosening the union's grasp on our public transportation?

According to this Examiner piece, drivers Charles White and James Robinson, who were running for president and executive vice president of the union's executive board, have filed a complaint with the state alleging that last week's election was rigged. An additional factor in their complaint is the coincidence that the elections are also when benefit reimbursement checks (this year worth $1,600) are passed out, which they allege "is a sneaky way of buying votes."

Muni President Bill Sisk says that White and Robinson are full of it, citing the fact that "a private company and special election committee tally the votes and said no union officers are involved in the election process."

You might remember James Robinson from this SF Weekly story from a few years ago, in which he spoke openly about his past as a real, live pimp. After that story broke Muni suspended him, and he now says that he "is currently embroiled in a lawsuit in federal court against Muni and the union charging that the suspension violated his First Amendment rights."

Picture of James Robinson by Paolo Vescia, of the SF Weekly