"For taking one for the team in fighting Donald Fisher pretty much alone. I feel almost responsible because I kept writing about the Jewish cabal of Fisher & Shorenstein & Blum & Goldman & Hellman and how they're playing Sim City with San Francisco. It's true that they think they're better than all of us. It's true that a big part of why they think they're better than us is because they're Jewish. That's all true. But, you better not say it if you have any property to lose. Or, a family to raise.

Needless to say, an interesting thing to write. One way of looking at it would be that it was a poor choice of words. Another way to look at it is that it's fairly anti-Semitic. Calling a bunch of people who you oppose by their ethnic/religious identity? Always questionable. Using the words "Jewish" right next to the word "cabal"? Not so good. Then going on to say that the people in question "think they're better than all of us" and then say it's because they're Jewish? Really not good. The reason? See past 2000 years or so of Jewish history.

Somehow, this made it past everyone, including Pat Murphy of the Sentinel who either didn't notice or allowed H to post that. The only one to raise any kind of stink is political gadfly Able Dart, who wrote about it on his new blog, the Wall.

So we asked H. what he meant and if he had any clarification about what he wrote, especially the possibility that it might be perceived as anti-Semitic. Here's what we got, after the jump:

Photo by Luke Thomas, SanFranciscoSentinel.com