Now is not the time to forget the SF/SPCA where you can find all sorts of gifts, many very reasonably priced. We love the advent calendar of doggie treats!

You know by now that adopting an animal as a holiday gift is a super bad idea. However, if you know that someone really wants and will take care of an animal, you can instead give them a Pet Promise Pledge from It's a certificate that you customize, print, and then give to the future pet owner that says you'll take care of the adoption fees when they're really ready to adopt (free for now, you pay later).

Save the Chimps provides sanctuary for chimps previously used in laboratory experiments. You can adopt a specific chimp (god, how can you pick from those pictures!) and get adoption papers, pictures and updates. You know how you always dread drunk Uncle Bob acting like a chimp at Christmas dinner every year? Well now he'll have company, but not an excuse ($120 a year). Also, check out the Wish List - Little Tikes toys and stuffed animals? We see lots of wish lists here in the Cares department but that's the most charming one ever.