For the five of you who still listen to radio, the big question out there is who will replace Howard Stern. Howard, of course, is saying goodbye to free radio on December 18th and hello to pay radio. As befitting the self-proclaimed King of All Media, there won't be just one replacement, but a whole bunch of replacements.

Unlike other stations that play Howard, Live 105 will not be going with the everywhere Adam Carolla. And no, sadly, they're not going with Diamond David Lee Roth either. Instead, Carolla will be on Infinity broadcasting's new station, 106.9 KIFR (or Free FM, as in it's Free. Get it? Get it?). KIFR right now has "the Doghouse" on in the mornings (and boy, what an original name for a morning show) but will start in with Carolla in January. KIFR says it's a station that is "big personalities with big points of view" which is radio-ese for dumb radio jocks talking over over-played songs with jokes that haven't been funny since second grade.

As for Live 105, they'll be going with a "Morning Music Co-op" thing and brought in three DJs-- Jeff Fife, Tony Mott, and Renae Ravey-- to replace Stern. Station Manager Steve DiNardo says those three were hired because "their grassroots experiences have always played on involving their listeners, and we're confident that's just what they'll do on Live 105." And by grassroots and "co-op" he means they were once fired from a St. Louis radio station after offending listeners. This under the radio handle Woody and the Whipping Boy, who were famous for having women masturbate on the radio and having boyfriends paint jack o'lanterns on their girlfriends buts for Halloween.


Let's just say it's another reason to thank God (or Steve Jobs, same thing) for the iPod.