We agree with our today's interview subject, when she says you've never lived in SF until you've been to Trannyshack. You can see Heklina at the Stud every Tuesday at midnight, as the creator, producer, and hostess of Trannyshack, the Stud's legendary drag show. She's bold, beautiful, and smart and funny as hell.

Heklina will be hosting this Saturday's 10th Annual Miss Trannyshack Pageant, which starts at 10 p.pm. at the Regency Center (1300 Van Ness at Sutter). You can get tickets here for 20 bucks, or pay $30 at the door. Come for the outrageous spectacle, and stay for the amazing intensity these performers bring to their art.

We've heard rumors that this will be the last year for Trannyshack, that this was only a ten year project. Say it isn't so! Or is it?
It's not true, but I am to blame for this rumor. Last year I was really burnt out around this time (Pageant time) and I did remark to several people that I was planning to retire the club at ten-but I changed my mind! People really ran with this though and I get stopped on the street by total strangers who ask me if Trannyshack is ending.

Photo of Heklina by Brandon Norris