Folks who voted before work were smiling and nodding at each other on public transportation today (in part because -- really, these red "I Voted! Ya Vote!" stickers they're giving out in SF today are ) -- if you haven't yet, sneak out of work early this afternoon, or make sure you're at your polling place by 8 p.m. If you've forgotten where to go, you can either go to your City Hall or check here (here for SF).

So how was the franchisement process for your faithful SFist staffers? Well.... our well-caffeinated SFist Jeremy reports that his polling place, in the heart of District 8, took 3 minutes, and he got to work early. Damn the efficiency of the Noe Valley voting process! He was disconcerted that the friendly pollsters didn't find it necessary to check his ID or validate his claims of residence in any way. Other than that, smooth as a baby's ass.

Everyone's favorite registered socialist, SFist Jackson, used his best handwriting to strike a blow against the man in District 11, reporting: "I relished my opportunity to participate in a democratic system today -- take that, Prince Charles! While Edward Champion had some problems this morning, my experience couldn't have gone smoother. There were six polling places and no line. Maybe it was too early, but sadly there was no bake sale to support Buena Vista Elementary this year. I proudly wrote in Anthony Faber for City Assessor, and also wrote in somebody for City Attorney (let's just say she's a fellow blogger). Now I have a nice "I voted!" sticker to wear with my smirk."

Hear about SFist MattyMatt's absentee voter experience, the vigilant pollwatchers at SFist Jon's voting place, and how non-citizen SFist Ced wants to participate in the American Experience after the jump! And staffers and readers, share your voting experiences in the comments as you come back. (Did anyone get exit-polled? We never get exit polled.)