With only a few days left before the Very Special Election, the Governor hit the campaign trail hoping for one of those idyllic campaign weekends where all the crowds are friendly, the energy crackling, and the pictures good. So he hopped on a bus, got a visit from everybody’s favorite Republican, John McCain, and spoke to reporters about how much he was looking forward to getting everyone in the state together to fix the state’s problems.

And what did he get for his troubles?

On Saturday, at a rally in San Diego, Warren Beatty and his wife, Annette Bening tried to crash one of his rallies, along with a crowd of protestors. They had been trailing the Governor on their own Magical Mystery Bus, the "Truth Squad Bus" and followed the Governor to a rally being held at an airplane hangar in San Diego. When they tried to get in, they were given the "sorry, closed party" by a hastily assembled squad of the Governor's aides who told Beatty that he wasn't allowed into the rally because he wasn't on the list to get in. Just change political rally to Koi and it's just like Paris and Nicole. Which is kind of scary when you think about it because the way things are going, SFist will someday be writing about Lindsey Lohan leading a protest against Governor Wilmer Valderrama.