Although the Anniversary show is already down, Lobot is still worth the trek to Oakland, and always has something to check out. Just make sure you go in to the warehouse with the RED door. Unless you want some Oakland adventures of your own.

Describe your art:
Right now I’m making a lot of art about love. I want to make something that is like an equivalent to a love song, but in the vein of Pharcyde "she keeps on passing me by" or Stan Getz's Girl from ipenema. I'm a crushes kind of guy, and I’m left with no option other than to make art about someone I’m pining for, or who broke my heart. So that stuff is just the fodder for my imagery, and I try to get across some emotion that I’m feeling and hopefully that becomes something that the viewer can relate to. I'm really interested in using images in an abstract way, so that when you see a cluster of birds, it's not about birds, it's about turmoil or a longing.

Tell us about Lobot Gallery:
Lobot Gallery is in my mind a pretty >amazing place. Just visually, it's huge with these 20 foot tall walls. Lobot tries to show art that describes what it means to be living here now. So mainly it's art made by young people. Lobot also hosts music shows, independent movie screenings, dance performances, performance art, puppet shows, a little bit of everything, but mainly music and art. Lobot also has a resident artist program where we have artists from all over the world come and make art for a month.

What's your take on the Oakland/Bay Area Art scene?
I think it is pretty vibrant; there are lots of spaces that show good art and lots of warehouse spaces for artists to live and make work. And that is rad. I moved here from Austin Texas and there were really only a few places that young artists could show new work. Something most people don't know about warehouses in Oakland is: There is totally legitimate art being shown, great music being played, and a bunch of really incredible people willing to make good things happen. I think I've been to some of my favorite art shows ever in Oakland.